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The Call of the Wild “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London is a story about a sheltered dog, named Buck that went through a chain of transformations in his life. From the safe haven owned by Judge Miller and his family to the terrain of the untamed, natural jungle-Buck’s. His life changed when an employee at his first home stole him and sold him. While each owner of buck has an effect on him, there where three that played a major role in Buck's transformation. The three owners or groups, are Francois and Perrault and Hal, Charles and his wife Mercedes. Perrault and Francois were two French Canadian men who purchased Buck. They took him to the Northern regions where he experienced the harsh cold for the first time. Buck understood the dynamics of their ownership as he learned to obey directions. He learned to stop at “ho” and to move at “mush”. (Pg 16). Not just that, Buck’s purpose was to pull a heavy sled and he had to adjust being strapped up to it as well. The owners’ dwelled in a land that was foreign to Buck and he had a difficult time sleeping on the bare snow initially. He had witnessed his friend Curly killed in a fight amongst the dogs and that had been a defining moment for him. Buck’s natural and primitive instincts began to awaken here. The ethics and values that he had lived by at Judge Miller’s home began to deter ate. Gone was the timid, nurtured and civilized dog that had existed at Judge Miller’s house. Buck settled under a rock and went to get his food. When he returned, he discovered that his space was occupied by Spitz, a dog who constantly tried to provoke him. Buck lunged at Spitz with a strength and fury that astonished him. It ended in a later fight with Buck killing Spitz and emerging as the new leader. The next morning, he refused to stand in any other position on the sled except for the leading position. Francois and Perrault understood that he would not accept anything less. These are the beginnings of his attributes of leadership and confidence that led the team to top the average number of miles covered each day. Hal was a young, nineteen year old who carried a knife and a gun and was inexperienced in the art of sled riding. Charles and his wife Mercedes travelled with Hal with overloaded sleds that could not be pulled by the team of dogs as it was too heavy. They were inexperienced in the Northland and were out of place. They had no compassion for the dogs as they were whipped constantly. Mercedes initially displayed some warmth and compassion by asking her brother and husband to not whip them and then asking the dogs to pull harder to avoid the beating. (Pg 49-50). At one point, the over burdened sled fell with the entire luggage falling out.. (Pg 50) The lack of knowhow of how to function in the North cost Buck his strength and his vigor. They took a lot of effort to simply set up camp and underestimated the amount of dog food that would be required. First, the dogs were