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Every author has a different life story of how they became interested in becoming a writer and what made their writings become a success. Jack London is one author with an amazing story of how he became a successful writer. There are specific things that helped him become a writer and he himself influenced other people through his writings also. Jack London is a male author who started his life off in a rough situation. By 8th grade he had to drop out of school so that he could support his family by getting some jobs. He had been a cannery worker, seaman, jute mill worker, and shoveled coal, but he once decided that it was easier to steal oysters at night from the dock and sell them; that is what he did for awhile, then he we on the complete opposite and worked with fish patrol, trying to catch thieves that did what he used to do. Jack did all of these jobs by the time he was eighteen years old. He then got on the gold rush and headed to California in search for gold. “He came back the following year not with gold but with story nuggets.”(Raymond 493) California and all the adventure had influenced him to write by giving him good ideas to write about in his stories. There were two more influences that helped London write such wonderful adventurous stories. Economics affected my author in several different ways. Because the economy was bad and he lived in a poor household, Jack learned responsibility at a young age. Although he may not have shown it as a teenager, all the work he did as a kid helped him with decisions as a young adult. If he would have grown up in a nicer house and wouldn’t have had to get jobs at the age of fourteen, he probably would have gone a different route because he was inspired to write because of his poor childhood. “Life in the frozen Yukon had shown him nature in its harshest form, as the enemy of human survival.” (Hodgins 416) When he visited the Yukon it inspired him to write about nature; that is why London has such descriptive stories of snowy places. He started writing as soon as he had gotten back from California and got his first book, A Daughter of the Snows, published in 1900, the year he got married to his wife Bessie Maddern. While he was in California we can assume that while he was mining he had heard many different stories from other miners. His experience alone was probably enough to help him write amazing books, but also hearing the stories of other sparked ideas in his head of books that he could write. Another reason he started to write was to get money so he could support his family. Once his books started to become published Jack London’s books his family no longer suffered. Writing and all the money that Jack got