Calm and Success on an Exam Essay

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Seth Hernandez
Mrs. Weber
English 099
3 November 2013
Being Calm and Successful on an Exam A college student can be calm and successful on any exam by creating a schedule, eating healthy meals, and studying the material in various ways. At the end of each quarter or semester, each student is required to take a final exam, but not all the students are mentally and emotionally prepared for an exam. By following this procedure, students will be more confident in obtaining an “A” on their exams. The first step to success is to construct a schedule covering three weeks of preparation for the exam. A student should learn more about the class syllabus by discussing with their professor what to expect. Using this information, the student can then construct a schedule in order to minimize distractions and set aside study time. Creating enough study time will allow the student to properly absorb the material needed for the exam. In addition, the student is recommended to place two hours of studying time for every one-hour in class. Scheduling time to study maybe difficult, but it will help with reviewing appropriately for the exam. The second step is to eat healthy food so that the body is well nourished, which results in better focus. The food pyramid is a great example of what each student should eat and how much each day. The food pyramid is a diagram that lists all the food groups nutritious to the body. Also, students following the food pyramid on a regular basis will develop a proper eating habit. As time goes by, the student will feel more focused, motivated, and more willing to study the material on the exam. The final step is to study the material in a variety of ways because each student reviews differently. Using different ways to study the material will also allow the