Different Types Of Health

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Yes, health can be defined in a variety of ways. Since there are a variety of ways health can be used the definition can change. Though health is health, you can have different types of "health". For example, you have physical health and then you can have mental health, which both are a part of health but are two different types and both have different meanings. Being physically healthy usually means being in shape and maintaining a healthy diet. However, your mental health refers to the mental state of mind. Health is how you take care of yourself, whether it’s mentally, physically, or emotionally. More so health is the general condition of a person's mind and body. In addition, health has many different types but they are all apart of health in different forms. Health is determined by the way you take care of yourself.
Since Kevin works in a fast food restaurant his temptation is going to be very difficult to overcome. Kevin will have to be determined for not only himself but for the team as well. Changing Kevin's eating habits will be the hardest. As stated before, but Kevin working in fast food he will be tempted, especially with his discount making the food inexpensive for him. I do not recommend Kevin to automatically stop eating fast food, but to try and eat it as seldom as possible. If I can get Kevin to take control of his eating habits then I'm sure that training him won't be as tough. Kevin enjoys the food because it’s cheap and his kids like as well. I will start Kevin a diet in is budget and explain to