Essay about Capital Punishment

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The innocent vs. Capital punishment
The innocence’s of a person is contained with the help of supporting evidence, possible witnesses, and good lawyers. But in some case unfortunately, this help does not support the innocence’s of a many prisoners, in which can cause an innocent person pay the consequence of someone else’s deadly actions. Has the innocence’s of every prisoner been proven guilty? Of course yes. Carlo M. Cannon argues that innocent people have been proven guilty to crimes that they have not committed and in some causes are condemned to capital punishment. Given that innocent prisoners in our system are found guilty, there are many ways to find the innocents of a person with the governments help and modern technology (science). Nevertheless, Cannon disagrees with this proposal. Capital punishment can help save innocent people in society from criminals that have killed once and are willing to kill again. Cannon gave an example of Steven Timothy Judy, who admitted to killing Terry Lee Chasteen and her four children. On day of his trial he told the jury to vote for capital punishment because he warned them he would kill again. When we accept that capital punishment can help save innocent lives we have reached our goal to stop the crime. Cannon presents oppositions in which fail to prove his point. Cannon presents many cases where modern technology, such as DNA, has proven the innocents of prisoners that where proven guilty in their own trials. If we understand this correctly, an example is DNA testing which have made it possible for criminals to prove their innocents. This helps make judgments more efficient today, with the help of DNA testing, to prove a person innocent. DNA was made to help the innocent and make criminals face the consequences for their actions. DNA is preventing innocent people from being condemned to capital punishment. Another opposition of Cannon is “if a democratic society executes criminals with the foreknowledge that some percentage of them are innocent, are all members of society implicitly guilty of murder themselves?” As we know the United…