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Symbols are the way that readers truly connection with the writing. While a symbol may have a general denotation, it can have multiply and varying connotations for each different reader. This is the aspect that makes reading so stimulating and enjoyable. Many fairy tales movies may sometimes seem like just a simple ordinary children’s story. What people don’t realize is that within these stories contain messages, morals, and symbolism.
Much of Walt Disney’s movies have many Christian based symbolisms. For intense the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs reveal messages that people may or may have not noticed. The significance of the seven dwarfs was the actual #7 used many tines in the bible for signifying perfection and one of the most significant numbers in Christianity. The poisonous apple was also a biblical reference; Eve was offered the forbidden fruit by the evil serpent. The evil queen in snow white offers Snow White an apple in the same way. Snow White knows that she shouldn’t have been talking to strangers but she pays the consequences by falling under the spell. By this being said anyone can conclude that Eve is reflected as Snow Whit and the evil serpent is portrayed as the evil queen. The colors presented in this fairy tale also have a connection with the bible. Snow white with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony all have symbolism and purposely placed in this movie. The color white symbolizing innocence and red representing