Care: Chicken and Duck Door Essay

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Animal Care Sheet
Order of Importance:
1) Cats
2) Chickens
3) Ducks
4) Goats
5) Turtles
6) Fish
7) Daemen

Memi, Angel, Tails
Cat food is located in top gray container in hallway.
Cat food/water bowls located in kitchen by fireplace. Fill as needed.
-They eat a lot!
If you would like to, you can feed them a can of wet food, but only like one or two days of the week (definitely not every day! They are little fatties) but if you want to give them a treat, then go ahead. The wet food is located on the counter, and I will set their three little cat bowls on the countertop too. Split one can among all three bowls. Put separation between the bowls.
Refilling kitty litter is located in bottom gray container in hallway.
Kitty litter located in hallway.
Clean as needed.
Thanks to mom, Tails has become an escape artist, do not let my cats outside under any circumstances. Tails will run outside if given the chance to do so, and she is awfully sneaky, so be careful! Don’t lose my baby. Daemen also has the tendency to leave all doors open when going outside, so make sure doors are closed.

Yo-Yo, McNugget, Blossom, Nari, Kass, Dreidel, Moosley, Emery
General Care:
Let the chickens outside in the morning once it’s light out (around 6:30 or so)
Open chicken coop door within the barn, and the duck door.
Leave the gate to the dog run shut.
Put chickens back inside once getting dark again (around 7:00 or so) they will put themselves to bed, just close the chicken coop door and latch it. Close duck door as well.
Double check to make sure all chickens are within the coop before closing door (eight chickens in total, but you can just count the six chicks, the elder chickens never stay out late).
Eggs will be located in two places! One in the corner red horse bowl (there are two of these, but it’s the one closest to the chicken coop) the second place is behind the large hay stacks at the far end of the barn. If you get less than six eggs, no worries, that’s normal. Occasionally there will be an additional egg in the laying boxes in the chicken coop.
I can’t express the importance of putting my chicks/ducks away at night. So please don’t forget.
Chicken food is located inside the barn in the large garbage can.
Pour half a scoop of chicken food in all four bowls (green, blue, black and gray bowls) make sure there is some separation between the bowls. I have placed the bowls where they should be, so separation of them should be fine.
In the big blue and green bowls pour an additional half scoop of goat food (located in smaller garbage can).
Water will have been filled before we leave, but if more water is needed all water is located within the barn. Fill as needed.
Piper, Gingle
General Care:
Same applies as above for chickens when letting them out in the morning. Just open the duck door.
Ducks will occasionally put themselves away at night, but not always, so just walk them towards their duck door, and close and latch it.
I can’t express the importance of putting my chicks/ducks away at night. So please don’t forget.
Same as listed above for chickens.
Butterfinger, Butterfly
Same as listed above for chickens in the mornings.
At night, after you have put the ducks and chickens away, pour have a scoop of goat food (in smaller garbage can) in the green and blue bowls.
Give alfalfa