Date Night

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Essay 2

“Date Night”

October 8th 2012, Dear Diary I woke up this morning realizing I had a huge burden on my shoulders. I was in lust with two different men and I simply just didn’t know who to choose.
So, an idea popped in my head, I was going to go on 3 dates with each of the men to help make my final decision on who to spend my life with. 1st I would go on a date of their choice. 2nd I would meet there families to see where they come from. Last but not least I would spend a night with them to see how they interact with a woman in their home. The two gentlemen were of different backgrounds but were both very charming and attractive. 1st there was Christopher a 21 year old bachelor coming from a family who owns the rights to toaster strudels and several McDonalds establishments around southern California. Chris was next in line to be the CEO of toaster strudels and runs his father’s companies. Chris always dresses to impress and lives a lavish life, living in a mansion, with 4 cars. Next, we have Arthur a college student attending San Diego University, working on his business degree. He is also inline to own his family’s business.
Which is a small smoothie shop, that has been around since the 1950’s. The business is no multimillion dollar company like Chris’s families but from what I’ve heard he and his family are really content in their lives. Arthur lives in the suburbs in a nice two story home and drives a
2011 Volkswagen. He dresses really nice as well except he’s a smart shopper and gets a lot of his clothes from the thrift store and target.

I decided to begin date night with Christopher; he started the date by arranging for me to be picked up in his stretch limo. The limo driver blind folded me and took me to a secret location. Suddenly the car stopped and I was transported to another location. I felt the impact of us taking flight, after being in the air for about 30 minutes Chris took my blind fold off. When I opened my eyes I seen a beautiful scene of sand, palm trees, and a beautiful dinner set up. We were at a restaurant in Santa Barbra named “dinner on the beach.” A since if happiness rushed through my body at the fact this was one of the best dates I’ve ever been on. But as time went by my happiness turned into awkwardness. Looking around I noticed all of the people were in expensive gear such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry. The entire restaurant was extremely quiet and everyone had a bland look on their faces. Christopher had told me a joke and my natural reaction was to laugh loudly, but when I did he rolled his eyes at me and said “this isn’t the time or place for that”. I was confused because laughing is a natural reaction him being embarrassed by a simple laugh making me feel extremely awkward and out of place. As the date went by I became very mute and just enjoyed my food trying not to think about things. Once the date was over we flew home and he tried to beg to come in to talk more. I responded by telling him no and sent him away. October 9th, 2012. Dear Diary, after the last date with Christopher I was extremely excited to see what Arthur had in store for me. He picked me up around 8 p.m. and took me the drive inns. When getting there I was excited because we were seeing the remake of The Incredibles which I had really wanted to see. Arthur had set up a bed in the backseat of his old
Volkswagen for us to enjoy the movie on, he even had prepared homemade Lasagna, garlic bread, and apple juice all from scratch for us to eat. Once we were done he had even made his own popcorn for us to munch on. I felt as if this was a very sweet gesture because it shows he took his time preparing for our date. After the movie he took me home and didn’t try to come in like a gentlemen so I ended the night by giving him a goodbye kiss. I feel as it