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Carl Jung
Swiss psychiatrist and influential, controversial thinker of psychology/ inventor of analytical of psychology first modern psychology to state human psych by nature religious explore in depth/ He basically contemporary of Freud, he positive approach of psychology to cure. Known pioneer of psychology used great length as a tool dream analysis. Ultimate hypothesis human beings should go through individuation. It’s necessary for a personal to become home. This psychology process of integrating the conscious with the unconscious still maintaining conscious autonomy. Example of individuation- we must be true to our self. June and Freud had diff concepts collaborating for 6 years. June basic primary disagreement was diff theory of unconscious saw freed theory as incomplete and negative and unnecessarily negative. According June not Freud as sole as depository a depressed emotion and desires although June called the personal conscious. He also purposes a second deep unconscious lining the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious was archetypes resided. Is a term of analytical of psychology is expressed in all life forms describes how the psych. GO to Wiki!! Distinguish from the collective unconscious from personal unconscious in that the personal unconconsious is a personal revior experience unique to each individual Collective collects organized personal experience in similar way with each member of a species. June my thesis is as follows in addition to our immediate conscious is of a trawling personal nature which we believe the only empirical psych system collective impersonal ….the collective conscious does not develop individually is inherited it is inherited on our brain tissues contains preexisted from the archetypes which on can become conscious secondary which give definite forms to certain psych contents. Archetypes is a original model of a person a prototype upon which other are copied pattern or immolated a symbol recognized by all. Archetype referred a generic personality may be identify in various people.…