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Case Study #35Case Study #35Scenario
S.P. is admitted to the orthopedic ward. She has fallen at home and she has sustained an intracapsular fracture of the hip at the femoral neck. The following history is obtained from her: She is a 75-year-old widow with three children living nearby. Her father died of cancer at age 62; mother died of heart failure at age 79. Her height is 5’3 and weighs 118 pounds. She has a 50 pack year smoking history and denies alcohol use. She has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and had an upper GI bleed in 1993 and had Coronary Artery Disease with CABG 9 months ago. Since that time, she has engaged in “very mild exercise at home.” Vital signs are 128/60, 98, 14, 99 degree farenheight (32.7 degrees C) SAO2 94%
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Anemia can develop from blood loss during surgery, so S.P should be educated about the introduction of an Iron supplement into her post-operative medications (Katz et al., 2014).
13. Explain four techniques you can teach S.P. to help protect her from infection related to medication induced immunosuppression.
S.P. should be educated on keeping her incision site dry and not taking baths until her wound as healed. Further out in her therapeutic treatment she should be provided information on the risk factors of smoking and infection. When the client is home she should know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of infection to allow for early recognition and treatment if needed. Vaccinations, such as a flu shot are also highly recommend for patients at risk for medication induced immunosuppression (Orlicka et al., 2013).
Case Study Progress
Discharge planning should begin when the patient is admitted. The case manager or social worker will work with the family to initiate placement in a rehabilitation facility.
14. What factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a rehabilitation facility?
When choosing a rehabilitation facility S.P. needs to consider location, insurance coverage, patient and family preference, and the overall health of the patient should be considered.
Case Study Outcome
S.P. is admitted to the rehabilitation facility close to one