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Case Study Analysis
Tamicka Goode
February 2015
Paul Korzeniowski

Intro After reviewing the case study of Carl Robins a recruiter for ABC Incorporated it is assessed that Carl was not fully capable of handling his duties as a recruiter. Lack of training and communication can cause employees to make simple but crucial mistakes that can cause major problems for the company. Carl was very successful at recruiting but unable to keep up the momento when it came to completing the hiring process. Carl found himself in a jam with just about a month to have the new recruits ready for orientation. The applications were incomplete, the mandatory drug screenings weren’t done, transcripts were missing, and the training manuals were missing pages. He also needed to find a place to hold the orientation because Joe had the training room booked for the whole month of June.
Carl had from the beginning of April to make sure all of the new hires were fully prepared for orientation which was scheduled to take place June 15th and as it stands it doesn’t look like the new hires will be attending orientation on time. There is a possibility that Carl wasn’t fully aware of his recruitment responsibilities. However, on May 15th when Monica contacted Carl, he had ample time to make sure each new hire was fully prepared for the next step in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, Carl did not exercise time management skills. He wasted nearly two weeks before he decided to take a look at the documents needed to for June 15th orientation and handle the task that he was given. It seems as though Carl was more concerned with the number of recruits as opposed to the recruitment process. However, in my opinion Carl did an excellent job recruiting the new hires but, he did not put much effort into completing the entire hiring process. When a person is in a position of power it is imperative for them to be properly trained, communicate with co-workers, exercise time management and always consider the company’s reputation.
Key Problems
The role of a recruiter is very important to a new hire because the recruiter serves as a guide through the hiring process. Carl was fairly new to the company and may have needed more training. Although Carl may have been aware of his responsibilities he did nothing to fulfill his obligations. Through personal experience as a recruiter I took pride in my position and made sure all aspects of the position was fulfilled. Practicing time management as well as being detail oriented played a major role in me fulfilling my job requirements. Carl wouldn’t be in such a jam if he would’ve put more effort into making sure the new recruits were prepared for orientation. Carl failed to make sure employment applications were completed. He also failed to schedule mandatory drug screenings, prepare the training manuals, and secure a room for the orientation to take place. After conducting the analysis it is discovered that there is no form of structure or communication within the company. Monica should have been more involved with Carl during the first few recruitments. Carl should have booked the training room ahead of time. This will alleviate the problem of having to search for a place to hold orientation. Maybe the company should establish a buddy system to ensure all aspects of the recruiting process are completed efficiently.
There are a few ways to try and make sure the new hires are able to attend the orientation on the proposed date in order to start the position on the expected hire date. Carl can email each individual all forms that need to be completed; he can also make a new training manual although this will cost the company. Make a few calls to find a conference room to hold the orientation and schedule emergency drug screenings which will also be costly. On the other hand, Carl can reach out to the new hires and schedule a day for each individual to come in before orientation to