Case Study Dorothy Henderson

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Dorothy Henderson despite her work experience in this company she is below-average
Martha Strawser Tony Jones 10 years with the company, average performer but there is an issue he drinks a lot after work. It might become a problem in future. His quality of work might be in the low level and he will have problems with being on time. Jorge Gonzalez 20 years with the company, average performer, was laid off before but then called back when business picked up. Worked in the company for so long but was fired before, which means he is not the best worker in the company. Jerry Loudder is 5 years with the company, single parent has average performants at work. He is so motivated to do his job as he needs money for his child. He will perform better and will do his best to keep this job. Amanda Wiggens is only 3 years with the company but she is very ambitious, above-average performer and puts in extra time at work. Looks like she loves this job as she shows a very good work among the other employees. Amanda is known to be abrasive when dealing with others and it seems to be the only issue. Manager needs to talk to her about it and warn her that she might receive penalties for being rude and aggressive.
Wanda Jackson. That is true that we heard a rumor about her looking for another job, but it is only a rumor now and we are not sure she wants to leave.
Manager needs to talk to her and ask her if its true. Wanda is an outstanding performer, worked in company for 8