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The first company we are going to start with is Apple. They have an organization centered management approach which means that they are looking to always make decisions based on what will be best for the company as whole in the end. The first step in managing the performance of their company is recruitment. Apple is in a highly competitive and quickly growing industry so they look to hire the very best. Because of this they have extremely high standards for their employees as well as extremely high rewards and benefits. Apple trains its employees in a fast-paced environment that will put them in position to become efficient and high performing. They want their employees to be efficient in their jobs while also striving to keep the company on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. In addition to the training employees are mentored as they progress in their time in the company. Leadership and teamwork is important at Apple as they want to have an employee friendly work environment. In order to assess employees and their progress, Apple uses a 360 degree assessment to evaluate employees. Part of this evaluation is a peer review by other employees in their department. Their mentor will also be part of their evaluation process in their early years in the company. These assessments will take place continuously throughout the year. A more complete performance review will be done annually that is much more thorough.
Google, while similar to Apple in some ways, has a completely different style to how they manage performance. Google’s culture is pointed more toward community. All workers at all levels of the company are working together toward the goals of the company. Everyone is accountable to each other. They also put a great deal of importance on the technical abilities of their employees, however, much more important is the ability to be creative and work within their community. Another way their performance management differs from Apple is rewards. Google rewards high performers greatly. They also give out the Founders Award employees that give a great contribution to the company. Also, along with the awards Google wants to give employees the chance to be innovative. They allow 20% of work time to be spent working on their own ideas and projects. Those that come up with the best ideas and innovations for the company are also rewarded greatly.
Google assesses their employees with a 360 degree assessment just like Apple. However, they also do a full performance review two times a year instead of one. These assessments are also in addition to the peer assessments that are done throughout the year between the employees. As stated earlier everyone is accountable to