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“Good management is working through others to accomplish task that help fulfill organizational objectives as efficiently as possible.” a) Would you agree to the above statement? Please explain your answer. No, I disagree with the above statement as efficiency was more towards achieving specific objective with minimum usage available resources and time consumption. In view of my current job in sales and marketing, if I just blindly drive my sales team to sale the products and services to fulfill the organizational sales target without considering the quality of delivery in terms of knowledge, skills, competency, and experience, time required for delivery, methods used for delivery and resources available for delivery. How long can I …show more content…
It is the key for the CEO to understand the every-day activities of the organization and how all parts fits all together to move the company forward. As CEO, I should not get dragged into the seductive lure of micro managing granular details. Instead I should trust my management team that there are capable in handling it. I need to build up a strong and good quality management team where they should know and accountable for their responsibilities. I must know how to mentor and accomplish them to keep them motivated, involved and on the track to meet the company goals. People are the most important resource available to me to build up a strong management team. I must be SMART in managing them when there is an issue, problem, demands or even crisis. I must be an effective leader. How? First I should be a good listener and willing to listen to problems and concerns my employee as a friend to get more concrete information about their comments or problems. I should be giving positive reinforcement and is about asking or requesting them to do something not commanding them. I must posts influencing power and don’t mind to get the hands dirty to make my team to follow my recommendations and willing to works together with me. I must realize that I am not just a figure head or a boss! To be a successful and effective CEO, it first comes from the way that you treat your staff or coworkers. I must know how to respect their ideas and not just simply brush