Cat and Boy Essay

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Maria Parra
P.3 Richey

In the Beginning… Before the world was made there was only dust. Out of the dust a figure began to form. The figure was nor long nor short, nor round nor square, nor thick nor thin, it was the perfect size. Soon the figure began to develop limbs and a face. When the figure was fully developed it turned out to be a woman, very old in age but I great form. She was also pregnant, bearing two children a boy and a girl. As soon as the children were born the woman turned into a gigantic sphere of soil with growing fruits and crops all around. This enough food to feed both children and more. The children lived very happy they had everything they could ever need, they played in the fields and ate from all they trees. One day while they were getting ready to go to sleep the boy realized there was nobody else. It was only his sister and himself, they were alone in a big sphere. When the boy told this to the girl they both felt very alone. The girl began to weep and the boy prayed to his mother to bring them company. Their mother sent them a dog and a cat. The dog stayed by the boy’s side at all times, he took care of the boy and the boy took care of the dog, they became best friends. The cat stayed with the girl, the cat was playful and a great company to the girl but they were both sassy and would get mad at each other. Realizing that having other company was great the boy decided to play with the soil outside and turn them into figures that he could play with and talk to. As soon as he began to talk to the soil, the soil figure was taken into the air and turned in to the figure the boy had created but could more and make sounds. Having seen this, the boy made more and more figures. He named them the first thing that came to his mind. The boy made bears, lions, wild cats, elephants, rhinoceros and many more creatures. In the afternoon he took all of his creations and presented them to his sister. The next day the girl put in action what her brother had told her and realized it was true. Delighted she began to form many animals and gave them life. She created butterflies, rabbits, lady bugs, horses and many more. Both the boy and the girl worked together to form many more animals and soon filled the earth with life. They were very pleased with all the creatures that they thought they needed nothing more. The animals and the children were equal and got along very well. They even forgot about their mother. Having realized her children forgot about her she became furious and plotted a cruel “accident” Their mother sent no rain for a very long time. This caused the crops to dry up and the sun to burn down their home. There was also no water and the children began to get ill. The girl was the first to get sick so they boy begged and begged their mother