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Cheyenne Westry
November 14, 2014
English 032.002
Professor Whatley
Causes of Joining the Military There are many reasons why joining the military can be beneficial to an individual. College may not be for everyone and finding a full time job in today’s economy is not easy, so some decide to enlist in the military. Full time employment is necessary to become independent and there are many employers who only hire on a part time basis. Military service can become a fast-track to establishing independence because it can lead to a strong career with future retirement benefits. Joining the military could be a good option if college isn’t affordable, because it provides a fast track to a career, and identifies a way to earn a stable income. Costs associated with enrolling in college courses can become very expensive when taking considering the cost of tuition, fees, and textbooks. These costs are also dependent upon where an individual decides to apply. With the number of applications colleges receive, a potential student may not be accepted at the college or colleges of their choice. Another consideration is that all families may not be able to afford the costs of tuition and entering into military service provides initial training and future tuition assistance. A future college career may be a motivational factor to encourage military enlistment. Many employers require some form of college education or career-based training. If enrollment in college courses is not an option, enlistment in military service can provide immediate access to technical training and the establishment of a career path following high school. Before enlistment an individual is able to research a variety of military career options and can select an area of interest which could jump-start a future career field. This option may not be available to individuals and would have to enter the job market in an entry level type position at or near minimum wage. While there are many…