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The Effects of Hair Dye
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This essay is very interesting. I will discuss the effects of hair dye on the clients and stylist. A lot have happen in the society today. We as a people have modernized a lot. So as you read ahead you will see some negative and positive effects with using dye.

The invention and development of the first hair dye in the 20th century was one of the events that changed life for stylists and clients completely. The first hair dye was developed and invented in (1907 by L’Oreal founder, Eugene Schuler.) Hair dyes are basically used for coverage of unwanted tones and to change appearances. This essay will critically discuss the impact of hair dyes in the American Society, looking at the positive and negative effects involved.
The first major impact that hair dye had on American society was the improvement of changing appearances. Before the invention of hair dye, hair color was a major problem for some. People could not easily hide old age or should I say wisdom. Without dye it was an unreliable mean to hide your age. Now with all the different colors you can change up as you please.
Hair dye have also improved the economy in cosmetology. According to Laura T. Coffey(2010) the rate at which people are dyeing their hair has changed tremendously. That have help build a stable environment for stylist and clients. Clients always have a stylist, and stylist always make money.
As much as hair dye have improved the lives of stylist and clients also have negative effects. Many clients have become so dependent on hair dye that they cannot go a long period