Causes that lead citizen to Immigrate Essay

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These days, many individuals who live in developing countries are looking to migrate to the developed countries. They would like to ensure a good and safe future not only for themselves, but also for their children. Immigration especially to developed countries is widespread phenomenon at the present times, such as United States of America, Canada, and Australia. There are several causes that lead people to leave their lands, such as unstable political issues, poor education systems, and inadequate healthcare systems.
Currently, political issues are a major cause of immigration. Many people are suffering from discrimination in their countries; for instance, Libya was controlled by a dictatorship that ruled the country for forty-two years. His regime was one of the worst criminal organizations around the earth. There are limited human rights for Libyan citizen who did not have any freedom of speech during his regime. In addition, there are the ethnic groups oppressions. For this cause, many people who have suffered or lived with this political instability system think seriously to migrate; for instance, in 1994 the Hutu ethnic group targeted the Tutsis ethnicity of Rwanda, this was one of the worst massacres to occur in recent history. Many Tutsis refugees that were emigrated for their safety; in short, the reason that leads inhabitants to immigrate to other countries was not only from instable political issues, but also from ethnic groups oppressions.
The second cause of immigration is that many individuals migrate to have a better education. At present time, students migrate from developing countries like India and China to developed countries like Canada and Great Britain, for international education because in their countries, the education systems are still in poor condition. On the contrary, in developed countries, such as Canada, students can live and study in a distinguished educational environment. The facilities in Canada are current, which is difficult to obtain in poor countries. Todays, many students are migrating to