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Name: Broderson Samuamba
Date: 11/14/2014

Immigration in Today World

Nowadays we have seen a lot of people travelling around the world for better condition of life. The United States and France are examples of countries that people emigrate to because they are rich countries. They are three reasons why people migrate in today’s world: study, unemployment, and wars.

First of all, education is one fact that makes people emigrate. All over the world many countries have big education problem, so these countries force their citizen to emigrate to others countries. For example, my Angola is a country that has a big problem on education. Our educational system is very weak. As result of that, when we finish high school, we have to leave our country and travel to others countries such as South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, and The United States. In addition the money that schools get from the government is not enough. For example there are high schools and universities that don’t have materials or even books to their courses. That’s why we have to leave Angola, and go to foreign countries to study Petroleum Engineer, Mine Geology, Medicine, and Computer Science.

Another reason that makes people emigrate is unemployment. For example, lack of jobs for people. They don’t have job in their country. So they have to move to another country. One example is the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is a poor country, and has a high number of unemployment. The Congolese people try to get into borders countries like Angola. The numbers of Congolese in Angola has increased because they immigrate to Angola to get jobs. Therefore, they only immigrate to other countries to change their lives.

Lastly reason is political problems. These problems lead to civil war. A