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Japan SWOT Analysis


Economy- Economy has a long term positive impact on Japan, which will add to its value. The qualitative factor of economy will lead to a decrease in costs for Japan

Japanese Biotechology-

Hard working People-

Sophisticated consumers with high purchasing power- They help Japan set trends and utilize latest technology. These customers tend to appreciate fashionable, name brand items that allow luxury goods makers to use their profits and knowledge of the Japanese consumer market to expand globally. Technology companies sell high tech and high priced goods to Japanese customers, which allows the entire country to utilize the latest technology. technology has a major correlation with productivity,
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They aren't expanding or innovating, they are mostly struggling to stay alive. This system move money from the best ideas (new and fast moving companies) to ones that have been around the longest and are struggling.

Reliance on Exports-Japan's reliance on exports could cause many economic problems, because export earnings are very volatile. They are also subject to enormous international competition, which means they could easily lose to competition from China or any low expense locations around the world. Exports also depend on currency valuations, which happen to change very quickly and for unknown reasons.

Opposition to Immigration-Japan passed the Immigration Control Act in 1990, but they still only issue visas to skilled workers. Ultimately, Japan passed the Immigration Control Act in 1990 which opened a side-door to ethnic Japanese living in other countries, allowing them to immigrate to Japan for the unspecified purpose of performing unskilled labor. Japan still does not issue visas to anyone but skilled workers. "Today's attitudes in Japan often remain decidedly negative towards immigrants, legal or otherwise, and new tighter controls are currently being drafted", according to the Japan Times. Negative treatment of foreigners turns away potential benefit that countries obtain from immigration. New skills, cultures and ideas are plentiful in immigrant populations. Opposition to immigration decreases the chance that new ideas