Essay on Cell Phone Use

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Cell Phone Use Assignment

Cell phones and electronic devices are currently taking over the world; over 260 million Americans own cell phones. Americans are not the only ones who use cell phones; Canadians are not too far behind in this new electronic society. Cell phone use is very common in every day life, but how much would vehicle crash statistics rise if people were driving while on a phone. These toys are distracting to drivers; it does not allow them to be fully aware of the road hazards. Driving while holding a cell phone does not allow the driver’s hands to be on the wheel and forces them to take their eyes off the road while dialing or answering. The ring of the phone can also cause drivers to take their eyes off the road or not be able to hear a vehicle approaching. Statistic show that drivers talking on mobile phones brake 18% slower and take 17% longer to regain speed then people who are not talking on a phone. This causes other drivers to get frustrated on the road. This small device has caused over 2,500 deaths and 330,000 injuries per year in the United States alone. Although this device can cause huge road problems it can also save lives, so they should not be band from being in vehicles. Most people claim that driving while talking on a cell phone is as much of a distraction as the radio or passengers. You have to take your eyes of the road to change stations or look at a passenger so its no different then…