Essay about Cellphones in a Classroom

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Samantha Sanchez
English 101
5 October 2012
Technology as the Educator The standard way of thinking about cellphones has it that they are a distraction to our society. On the contrary, I had the experience of using a mobile device in a classroom; I found it quite beneficial in the school’s environment. I looked around the classroom to see all the students interacting with the teacher’s lesson. This was a unique encounter with technology and education which can put these ideas into a new, valuable perspective. If students were allowed to use cellphones, it would heighten their engagement in class. Cell phones being used in class would appeal many students to the lesson that is being thought. Cell phones have become a popular trend that is being used every day. Statics say “It is estimated that 250-300 million cell phones are currently being used in the U.S.”. that being said, if many students and teacher use their cell phones daily, why not use it in the classroom. Students and teacher could interact with the lesson using a mobile device. Text books are heavy, boring, and old. Many schools still teach with outdated books because schools cannot afford to purchase new books every year. Cell Phones are a great way to serve students as books. Students can read and learn from their hand held devices instead of hassling old books. Schools can save a lot of money on schools by using phones as books. What the future holds in store for society is to live in a world of technology. The world is running on technology at the moment and evolves every year with new technology. Eventually school will have to learn off computers and cell phones. So why not start the future early with technology. Life in the fast lane states “85% in the united states have multimedia computers”. A cell phone is like a mini computer; students can browse the web and have quick easy access to the world