Cellphones Should Not Be Allowed In School

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Sadat Rahman 2/25/13 English Cellphones Should Not Be Allowed In School! When you walk into a classroom today you will see students on their Cellphones. Some are playing games, while others are texting. Some are going on Facebook to update their status or talk with their friends, or some may go to Twitter to keep up with the news, follow their favorite team, or be involved in politics. Everyone is doing their own thing, as well as ignoring what the teacher has to say to them. Not one person is listening and the teacher becomes frustrated and angry because they can’t teach a lesson to the class. Cellphones should not be allowed in school grounds. Cellphones should not be allowed in school because they are distracting for the students who want to learn and it is also not fair for them in any way. Whenever students are with their phone that means that they are showing a sign of addiction and there have been many cheating scandals involving Cellphones in high schools. The kids who cheat, it won’t really get them anywhere, not even a good college. One of the main reasons why cellphones should not be allowed in school is that they are distracting in class. It interrupts the flow of teaching for teachers and it gets annoying trying to ask a child to turn off their phones. The same thing goes for when kids who are listening to music instead of listening to the teacher which is very disrespectful. It’s quite understandable that a child will need a phone for emergencies, but not all the time. When the teacher asks you once to put away your phone, you put it away. The teacher shouldn’t have to say it a second or even a third time. The second reason why cellphones should not be allowed in school is because students show a sign of addiction towards their phones. Students get so attached to their phones. They can’t go fifteen minutes without seeing text messages, calls, and whatever else, or even using the latest app on their phones. Studies have shown on the website total health magazine, how 29% can’t live