CEO Communication Analysis Essay

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Aravind Nair
MGMT 201
CEO Communication Analysis

Arthur T. Demoulas was the CEO of a regional supermarket chain, Market Basket’s until he was ousted by his cousin and the rest of the board of directors. While in office, Demoulas doubled company profits and ensured that his workers were treated fairly. While keeping prices lower than even Walmart, he still made sure that his employees received benefits, vacation time and a livable wage. After a lot of protesting, Demoulas was finally reinstated as CEO of his company and that was when he gave his most famous speech. In his speech, Demoulas’ main topic was focused around thanking the people that supported him through the entire ordeal he went through as well as emphasizing the importance of equality within workers in America. He says in his speech that “Whether it’s a full-timer or a part-timer. Whether it’s a sacker, or a cashier, or a grocery clerk, or a truck driver, or a warehouse selector, a store manager, a supervisor, a customer, a vendor or a CEO—we are all equal. By working together—and only together—do we succeed.” I believe that this is an incredibly powerful message to his audience, middle class working class citizens who work hard every day in order to survive. His message also underlined the vision he wanted for his company; one of equality and social responsibility. Though Demoulas had a specific accent that made part of his speech somewhat difficult to understand, the content more than made up for it. When he thanked the audience, it was a lot more than just a few words. It was more like a unifying message. Almost everything that Demolaus said in his speech increased the energy in the atmosphere. I thought that his words, “Everyone has a destiny, and because of you, I stand here with a renewed vigor and a sense of purpose” was a particularly powerful use of language. This ability to cause reactions within his audience comes from Demolaus’ use of active voice which enabled him to connect with his audience and truly communicate the emotions he felt. Not only did Demolaus use powerful verbal