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Good (morning, afternoon????) everyone my name is???? today am going to explain what’s challenge through the text I have chosen.
My understanding of challenging is to make a difference in people’s lives. I believe challenging is about getting the message out to other people to make a greater change on the world we live in now, to help our world become a more comfortable environment and suitable for people to live in. The sorts of texts I have chosen are those which encourage people to act.

My first prescribed text is Pink’s song Stupid Girls. This song is about raising awareness and challenging girls not to use sexuality in order to gain celebrity. Techniques were used to reveal challenging in this video, for example Pink has used parodies to make fun of the people who use sexuality to be popular. In this music video she has used well know famous people such as 50 cent to make this video more believable.
Second text is Love the way you lie in this song is about against domestic violence because Rihanna was assault by her boyfriend, she’s using this video to help young people to learn the lessons of her ordeal. This song has used a lot of metaphor for example: “watch me burn”. This example is to show the hurt and suffering of female persona. I believe through this video is criticising domestic violence, most metaphor and similes shows negative things about domestic violence.
The first related text I have chosen is a short film, about an organisation that visits impoverished people who live in Africa. In one village a girl Esther and a boy Sam lying on the ground because they haven’t eaten food in days. It has used close up shots to show how Esther and Sam have tiny bones cover in dried out skin, to show people an emotional view of the starving children. By using this technique to show finer details of those children’s situation. The audience who watched this film has been challenged so they can do something to make a difference to change the situation in Africa. At the end of the film the organization gave assistance and all the help they need to Sam,…