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I went to the ASTD website to get a better understanding of who they are and what they stand for and seen a re-occurring theme of how they help their members be the best in their business career. It was noted how the ASTD helps their member change as business changes in this new business world. I found a similar information when looking at the ISPI website. I found it very interesting on the (ISPI Website) how the systematic combination of three fundamental processes: performance analysis, cause analysis, and intervention selection, and can be applied to individuals, small groups, and large organizations. I searched for a third and similar organization and found the ASTD which focuses on likeminded people working together networking and connecting to discuss problems and issues they’re all facing.

Rational approach advantages change management: This topic is very new to me and I looked at the textbook chapter 14 and read the four key components (environmental scanning, a vision, setting new goals to support vision, needed system changes, p 5561). It talked about how a good leader can scan all of the incoming threats and make the appropriate changes. For more information I went to ( This website was able to give me some valuable insight on the advantages of change management. The advantages of change management from their view are the company can align its resources, it can use those resources better within the organization. This better usage can help reduce unneeded cost and help reduce the money spent. When change management is used it will help reduce the cost of making the needed change. The newly re-organized company will be able to respond better to its customer needs and improve the overall satisfaction rating. If the change is done properly it can eliminate the negative effects in business and improve the way business is done. Asking the staff of what changes they want and need will also help and improve their work effectiveness, they’ll feel more valued and more involved. When the change is planned and done in an organized manner the time needed to make the change is reduced. This reduced time will save the company time and money and overall customer satisfaction.

Rational approach disadvantages change management:

I was reviewing the website (Chron) and it discussed the disadvantages of change management. It was noted that change management is sometimes very expensive. It’s also important to look at the problem and then look and the forecasted result. If the change isn’t going to make a difference than it’s even more important to look and see why it’s being implemented. Changing something that works and not broke isn’t a good way to progress and improve. The reason why people resist change is the fear of the unknown and the lack of knowledge about coming changes. If a company takes the time to inform their people and remove the fear of the unknown and educate them they’ll be more open to the pending change. People are creatures of habit and if not properly informed will be afraid to make any change.

Emotional approach change management:

The textbook discussed the emotional approach (p.573). I found it interesting how it mentioned several charismatic leaders both positive and negative in today’s world. People I never would of thought as an emotional leader. It was interesting to see how they were passionate and were able to use emotion to gain followers. It was also interesting to see that sometimes they are fighting for the wrong cause (Hitler) and cause the deaths of millions of people. Change Management isn’t always for the positive and if used for the wrong reasons could be very bad. A charismatic leaders will know what emotions to push and how to increase the emotions within his followers. When a charismatic leader paints the right picture for his followers he’s able to gain their support. These followers are all acting on emotion and not on reason.