Change Management Essay

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Change Management
Power and Organizational Structure
Riordan Manufacturing is an Industry leader in the field of plastic injection as well in molding, which has over Five hundred employees and generates an annually income of 46 Million. Riordan manufacturing headquarters is located in San Jose California. Riordan Manufacturing is focused on remaining the industry leader and is a team oriented working environment. Riordan's Formal power structure consists of an organizational chart that shares all of the different positions and rankings within the business. Riordan Manufacturing has formal and Informal Groups. Formal groups are set up by an organization's structure with designated work assignments as well as a different set of tasks. Legitimate power is one of the structures of Riordan because they have different departments and different positions that include a leader or manager in each department. Expert Power is the informal structure of the company because every department in Riordan has a leadership role, and one is very knowledgeable in their particular field of expertise. Division of Labor will best suite this organization because it will create a more effective way to use employees skills, it will also increase their skills and maximize the work they do. Thus accomplishing goals that are set by the leaders within the business.
Structure and Company Culture
The potential effects that can help build the company is by building bonds of trust, and defining expectations, and relationships can eliminate unnecessary incidents within Riordan. Bureaucratic structure, challenges may arise that conflict with company goals. There can be bad effects when there is excessive bureaucracy; employees may not like the concentrated decisions that come with centralized authority. The company can seek more of a flexible and creativity that allows the company to focus more on their employee capabilities and needs. The matrix structure is an ideal solution that will create dual lines of authority where the company can be functional without any negative situations. The company would want to keep their current departmentalized structure as much as they can to keep everything in order. They will still benefit from specialization and functional departments, but with a smaller span of control, which would allow the decision-making to become more effective. Riordan should thrive on their leadership skill as a productive organization to stay successful in business. Their mission would be to eliminate as many challenges as possible, so that the consumers will have more room to create solutions. A team-oriented environment allows Riordan hopes to deliver quality products through their effective and evasive Six Sigma and ISO 9000 standards (Riordan, 2013). They believe effective quality controls and reasonable pricing along with innovative solutions will bring a great deal of relations with their consumers.
Sources of Resistance and Suggested Strategy
The following will discuss Riordan Manufacturing's potential sources of resistance to change and this team's current recommended strategy to implement in order to circumvent these pitfalls. Many individuals do not enjoy change and resist for various reasons. Individuals struggle against changes because he or she fear to suffer the loss of something they value, do not understand, doubts it is in the organizations best interest, or finds it hard to cope with the quantity or speed of the changes. Employees fear the loss of their job, authority, money, friendships, individual convenience, or other advantages that they value. One of the most significant resistant's to change is fear of incompetence. Some individuals may show anxiety that he or she will not be able to manage the new work requirements. Therefore, he or she manipulates the system for his or her own agenda. The morale in the organization develops negatively and becomes fragile. Management cannot eliminate employee's resistance to