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The background to change facing business that exists in todays

Everything except change itself is changeable in this world. The features we experience today, may undergo change simply, organisation is a group of people working together for achieving certain goals and objectives which may be common in terms of their interest and level of satisfaction.
Certain level of amendments or change tomorrow or after some fewer days.
If to talk of the business perspectives, they are more prone to changes because of the development of new and more advance technologies. Newer technologies may come to ensure more efficiency, comfortable, Sustainable and environmental friendly. Business modernization and diversification may lead to the business towards further additional changes.
The national carrier of the UK, British Airways, popularly known as BA, is also the largest airline in the country. It flies to more than 550 destinations worldwide from airports across the UK, and operates more transatlantic flights from Europe than any other airline. Its hubs are London Heathrow and Gatwick airports. In 2008, BA moved to capitalise on the liberalisation of transatlantic air travel between Europe and the US by launching its new subsidiary Open Skies, which takes its name from the historic EU-US aviation treaty. On November 13, 2009, British Airways and Iberia Airlines made a preliminary agreement to merge.
Obviously, after merger or acquision of the businesses, there arise the need of some significant changes in management in terms of its staff, goals and objectifies, pattern and presence of its customers and competitors and the aspect of strategic alliances as well. In case of British Airways too, as a national flag carrier of the UK, it had been facing numerous challenges which ultimately led it to the merger with Iberia Airlines. In the context of merger with Iberia Airlines, there appeared the various changing issues to be settled in time so as due effect could be given to the new alliances.

Change management is a basic skill in which most leaders and managers need to be competent. There are very few working environments where change management is not important.
When leaders or managers are planning to manage change, there are five key principles that need to be kept in mind: Managers or leaders are to bear in mind some key principles as they are intended to manage the change. The way of making reaction to the changes differs head to head. Every people have their specific need s that to be met in different way and style. Still ahead, it should be borne in mind that generally change may involve some loss and people are to go through loss curve. In the name of change, expectation of the people should not be exaggerated rather it should be met in a realistic way. After change, what new scenario would be developed and it may impact the whole system established. Such fear in mind of the people should be avoided so as people can trust and accept the change wholeheartedly.
In case of British Airways, there work force is made up of people injected with independence and freedom of choice as governed by their own culture. This implies that if the employees are asked their involvement in the decision making role and status, they feel themselves great in the sense that their ideas and views too have been honoured and the same fact would fuel them with the internal motivation and in future they would perform the job wholeheartedly. Satisfied work force is the valuable asset of the organisation and they give their hand and mind for the effort of the organisation to adopt new changes and amendments. If they are running with complaints and grievance in themselves, it would come as a serious loss to the company and prove very expensive in long run.

Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of bureaucratic organisations.

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