Change: Short Story and Change Essay

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Make a change

By Wang, peiyi

In my opinion, change is necessary during society develop, it is important for people to accept positive change because positive change encourage society developing. In the short story X, Lois Gould develops his idea through X does not have exactly gender and do not accept by the society at the first of story, but when people found that X is a great kid, they start to accept it. In my own life, I also have experience to improve that change is inevitable and accept positive change made me fit into society better. As for as I am concerned, people should accept positive change if it helps society develop. Sometimes people found that it is hard to adapt a new situation. It is better to say people afraid to face change than they do not want to change. For example, it is hard for a people to change a job that he did it for 20 years even he can get better income than his old job. In story X, X is a person who is the best student in school. “But X was a Xcellent student! X set a fine Xample! X was Xtraordinary!” that is exactly principal said about X. But why such a good student like X does not accept by it classmate’s parents even they know that X is a good student and passed examination.,because they never heard a gender called X before, in their mind there are only two genders allow in this world which is male and female. People stuck in their ancient mind for too long to realize the nature of the problem ,X is the best student at school. Even more, it is hard for people transform to modern if they are too traditional. My grandmother does not like my cousin and I celebrating for Christmas. She said that as a Chinese people, Spring Festival is most important for us. Newspapers always say that Chinese youth like western festival more than Chinese tradition festival. I would like to say I like Spring Festival as much as I like Christmas. One of the kid said story “X is having twice as much fun as we are”. I love my own country’s festival and I love western festival too, I got twice fun as another people does, why not do it? Circumstance change is the huge change that most people do not want to accept. Lots of people can’t sleep at hotel because they are used to sleep in their own bedroom. In the short story, Joneses are worried about X when he starts to go to school, it is a huge challenge for X. “school was even more full of rules for boys and girls.” It is a new condition for X which is different than stay at home. To be honest, I accept change which is contributing to me but I hate change. It is too many works for me to adapt new environment. One and half year ago, I came to Canada, I like the education here and that is the only reason I came. I lived in a new house with a homestay family who I never met before, I went to a new school which I didn't know