Changes in England Analytical Essay

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Analytical Essay

There were many changes in England many of which are because of changes among each (social, economic, and political) effecting each other and simply a lack of understanding allowed these changes to appear. All three affect each other and lead and allow each other to form, a sort of A causes B while B causes C which fuels B and A which causes A to make C more important; simplified and cause and effect/interdependence among each other that sometimes creates a cycle of changes in transformations in England.

England began to suffer the same as the rest of Europe as inflation increase (though not like France due to the difference in taxes and actions made by Elizabeth the I), the emergence of parliament also prevents the misunderstandings other places experience, because the poor middle class and nobles all had a say in govt. (to an extent) and as England’s parliament gains power social structure changes as new classes emerge due to the change from nobles owning land to middle class owning land and renting it out making the gentlemen class, which changes the form peasants are tied to the land economic/social system and new changes like commons help prevent poor from starving which in turn helps decrease the amount of deaths in the lower class thus creating a population increase which leads to the increase in being represented in parliament which limits the kings power because the lower and middle class don't support him which creates an explosive effect which leads to the Glorious Revolution which has no blood which creates the ability for parliament to install kings and