chapter 1 Essay

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According to Luke Chapter 1 Immediately right in the beginning of the chapter Luke admits that this is just his attempt to tell the story about Jesus. In the verse: (1:2) Even as they delivered them unto us, which from the beginning were eyewitnesses, and ministers of the word. Luke has eyewitnesses and reporters to help him out with telling this story. Luke dedicates his work to Theophilus. “Theophilus is most excellent” (1:3) he is basically the high up in the societal order. Then enters Zach and his wife Elizabeth who belong to a holy class. But one bad thing had happened to these two individuals. The two have grown-up old without a child because of Elizabeth’s infertility. Zach has to go into the holiest room of the temple to release some anger while everyone else is praying outside the temple. The angel states to Zach that he is not in any danger but that God is answering his prayer for a child. Elizabeth will conceive a child even with her infertility. Then the angel comes and tells him to name the child John. The angel then presents a visionary description of John, the baby’s future. He honestly has some disbelief in the angel so the angel proves that he is Gabriel. Meanwhile, the people praying outside start to wonder what is taking him so long inside the temple. He finally comes outside and unable to speak he just uses gestures to communicate what happened in the temple. They understood that he saw a vision. Not long after his wife Elizabeth becomes pregnant and