Chapter 22: A Short Story

Words: 798
Pages: 4

Freddie has drawn an illogical conclusion that the idiots do not seem to get it. The masters race my ass, he thinks, they are all about to die, and he has the weapon to get the job done. Sick of their annoying persistence he starts walking toward the alley entrance with one thing in mind, to blast them all into nothingness for the last time. As he approaches the alley entrance, he squeezes the trigger, a flash of light a ball of fire and the gun is dead. Surprised by the result, he tries desperately to get it to work, but it will not. A flash of light and there is nothing. “Oh shit, Nurse Ratched is dead.” He is slapped across the face with the harsh reality that he is fucked. With no weapon to defend himself, he turns quickly and runs, yelling, “The wall!” …show more content…
He had his chance to save Michelle and once again, it looks like he is going to fail. The unexpected opportunity to waste Hitler had presented itself, but with this final setback, that chance is gone. As he tries to reach his only chance of escape, he hears the soldiers coming around the corner. Turning back to get a good look, he points the strange weapon in their direction; the Germans see the gun and run out the alley. A flash of light and again, there is nothing. He fires again, and there is nothing. He drops the invincible Killer McCestie to the ground and runs toward Michelle. The Germans have sensed something was off and quickly approach. Michelle tosses a grenade at the approaching soldiers the vigorous sharp metal spreads explosively all over the alley. Freddie looks at the smoke from the grenade as Michelle grabs his hand and they run toward the wall. Bullets bounce as they dive for cover, sliding on the wet ground as if it were a sheet of ice. He sees the bullet fragments piercing all around him, splashing the puddles as the lead fragments rip through the