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Chapter 4: From Colonies to States
I. English Administration
a. English Civil War made it difficult for England to control and rule the colonies
b. Navigation Acts: meant to control colonies and economy
c. Mercantile system (important reason for colonies)
d. England a naval power
e. This system also led to resentment and resistance
f. The Dominion of New England
i. Consolidated the New England Colonies and the new governor took complete control (including over churches) ii. Didn’t last very long
g. Glorious Revolution
h. John Locke
i. Government
i. Royal Governor ii. Colonial Assembly (elected legislative assemblies) iii. By mid-1750s, colonies were largely self-governing
II. Colonial Wars
a. Seven Years’ War (French and Indian War, lasted for nine years from 1754-1763)
i. Part of a larger conflict (world war)
b. Began over claims regarding the Ohio River Valley
c. Role of soldiers in the colonies (and their continued existence)
d. Treaty of Paris
i. Victory for Britain ii. Land changes
e. Cost of the war (and its implications)
f. Lots of new land to control and protect
g. England needed money, levied taxes
h. Not all peaceful in the colonies: Pontiac’s Rebellion
i. Proclamation of 1763 (and its implications)
III. Colonial Policy
a. George Greenville: Started taxing the colonists (who paid few taxes before)
b. Sugar Act (“taxation”)
c. Currency Act
d. Stamp Act: stamps had to be affixed to every printed material (affecting all colonists)
e. Quartering Act
f. Whigs and