Chapter 6 Outline Essay

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Chapter 6
Duel of North America

France finds Foothold in Canada
-1598, Edict of Nantes issued by crown of France to grant religious freedom of Protestants and Catholics. Stopped religious wars
-1608, France establishes Quebec (Catholic.) Lading figure: Samuel de Champlain, soldier and explorer aka. Father of New France
-Gvmt. Of New France (Canada) was under control of King and people did not elect representative assemblies
New France Sets Out
-Contained beaver (valuable resource)
-French Catholic missionaries (Jesuits) labored to convert Indians to Christians, and to save them from Fur Trappers
Antoine Cadillac- founded Detroit (1701) for English Settlers pushing into Ohio Valley
Robert De La Salle- explored Mississippi and Gulf Basin, names Louisiana
-In order to block Spanish on Gulf, French plant posts in Mississippi and Louisiana
-French found New Orleans 1718
-Illinois became Frances garden empire for grain
Clash Of Empires
-Earliest battles of Europe for control of North America
-King Williams War/ Queen Anne’s war
-Most battles= British Colonists, French, and the French ally Spain
-Ended 1713, with peace terms signed at Utrecht
-France and Spain destroyed and Britain received French-populated Acadia, Newfoundland, and Hudson Bay as well as limited trading rights in Spanish America
-War of Jenkins 1739, British and Spaniards -Later known as King Georges War in America
-ended 1748 with treaty giving Louisburg back to France, enraging the victorious New Englanders
Washington Inaugurates War with France -1754, Washington sent to Ohio to secure land of Virginians
-Washington’s 150 men killed French Leader, enforcing French back up
- Virginians surrendered