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royalty free license - - -this allows a buyer to use an image without haveing to pay a royalty each time the image is used. does not mean you can resell. rights managed license - - - allows a buyer to rent an image. price is negotiated and is used for a specific thing. usually more expensive than royalty free ones but normally allow a larger print run. ======================================================================================================================================================================= using stock images gives advantages of saving time and money. image databases are quick and easy to search and purchase, and to download immediately. the biggest disadvantage is the cost associated with the licensing fee. another advantage is with all the images available you may not find what you are looking for.
TERM- tag- is a user defined term that is assigned to an item for categorization purposes.
metadata is data about other data. normally meta data gives information on a webage such as descriptions or a synopsis. metadata helps visitors find your site. metadata of images normally consist of a date and time it was taken and details of the camera settings. imagetagging (tag) allows an item to be found by browsing or searching.
digital imaging concepts pixels- short for picture element. smallest unit displayed by a monitor. color depth- pixels provide some information. the information is measured in bits and determines how many colors each pixel can display. i.e a pixel with 4 bits of greyscale information can display 16 shades of grey. image resolution- a screens resolution can be determined only by how big the users monitor is. the pixels is determined by the height an width. higher screen resolutions display more pixels per square inch (ppi) palettes- 8 bit color display shows milions of colors bt only 256 at one time. the 256 colors are maintained on a system palette. A 16 bit displays 65536 colors at once and 24 bit displays 16.7 million at once when an 8 bit image is used the program builds a pallette based on the colors used in the image dithering- is the process of placing 2 colors from the system pallette and tricking the eye into seeing a third color. this process allows the image to display more colors than the system is able to support.
Raster vs vector graphics raster (or bitmap) and vector. raster is the most common graphic format, a raster image is created by using small dots to create images and colors, and include jpeg, gif, and png formats. paint type programs make raster images and include
• Adobe PhotoShop CS5
• Microsoft Image Composer
• Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3
• Adobe Fireworks CS5 vector graphics render images differently in that it uses information that is stored in mathematical instructions that are then interpreted and displayed. require plugins to display. can be rendered in
• Adobe Illustrator CS5
• Adobe FreeHand MX
• CorelDRAW X5
• Inkscape
• Adobe Fireworks CS5
======================================================================================================================================================================= *natively means that a browser supports somthing without a plugin** image file formats only gif and jpegs are natively supported by all browsers others