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Cherry’s Day Care
Effective 12/23/2013
2013/2014 Handbook Welcome to my home. One of the first things I would like to point out to you is this will be your child’s home away from home. I will try to have as few restrictions as possible, so that they can feel as comfortable as in their own home.

I am a day care provider and not a Baby Sitter. Meaning that this is my business and career. I will try to provide the best care and service for your child as I provide for my own children. My goals are to provide a semi-structured day care and I do not compare myself to a day care center or preschool. Because this is a business arrangement, it is necessary that I impose certain requirements on you.

I have met the requirements necessary to acquire my license from the State of Nebraska. The license I hold enables me to care for up to 10 children, which does not include my oldest two children. My group size will vary from several children at one time to just a few at one time. I do not make any guarantees to parents that my group will remain a certain size at any point in time. You will be made aware though, at the time of interview how many children I have, and their ages.

I will NOT discriminate in relation to admission of any child on the bases of race, creed, color, national origin, religion or sex.

I must immediately report, by law, any suspected physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect of any child as required by Nebraska State Law

Please feel free to ask any questions about your child while he/she is in my care. From time to time I may have appointments during the day and I can provide backup care in my home with a person. The backup provider has been approved by the State of Nebraska. This seldom occurs, but I have used this at times so as not to inconvenience families. Advance notice is always given if it is not an emergency situation.

Cherry’s Day Care Contract Policies

It is necessary that I have immunizations records filled out on each child, as required by the State of Nebraska. These forms will be updated from time to time. They may be necessary to refer to if your child is ever injured or ill at childcare. Immunization records and Admission forms are updated every year. I will care for children who are exempt from immunizations with the proper paperwork.

Toddler hood can be a hard time in day care. Toddlers get bumps, bruises, fall down and occasionally there will be a biter in the day care. Often little can be done about any of those situations. I ask parents to keep an open mind during this period, as it will pass. Infants and toddlers are around many children during the day and can easily be bumped over. I try to teach the children to use care around the small children and infants. Parents having a hard time during this period may find a small day care setting better suited for their child. Parents of infants/toddlers and those in diapers must provide the following:
1. Diapers as needed. (will remind parent when more are needed)
2. Baby wipes for child (1 refill pack per child in diaper per month – these are shared between all in diapers)
3. Baby Bottle/Nuk – Please provide one at the beginning and I will buy more to keep at my house.

Arrival and Departure

Please send your child clean, dressed, and ready for the day, as well as all of your child's necessary supplies needed for that day's care. Please be aware that we go outside in the cold. Please send your child with shoes and socks everyday!! Please do not send food i.e. (half eaten breakfasts, breakfast bars, candy, etc) or gum with the children. Please make your goodbye brief (no more than a couple minutes): the longer you prolong departure the harder it gets for both parent and especially for your child. Never leave without telling your child goodbye. Please be in control of your child during drop-off and pick-up times. No one other than the