Essay on Childhood and Powerful Interactions

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Why are powerful interactions important? Two reasons why power interactions are important: Build and deepen relationships with each child and Move children’s learning forward in small step. How can you build deeper relationships with children in your classrooms? Some ways you can build deeper relationships with in your classroom are use children name each time you speak with them, show caring and respect, set limits in supportive nonpunitive ways. What are some ways to connect with dual language learners? Powerful interactions become critical when teaching children whose home language is not as same as yours. This shows that you too are on a language-learning journey. It also shows that you value languages and are willing to work hard to learn them. When you don’t have the words for a full conversation in the child’s language, plan ways to use eye contact, facial and voice expressions, gestures, pictures, and props to bridge the communication gap. What did you learn from this article? I learned that in order for you to have power interaction with your children you need to give them the attention they need, each child need special needs. Most times we will say or do something and don’t realize that it affects children. We have to watch what we say and do. Offer children manageable challenges that nudge them to take the next step. Also give children specific information about their actions and creations. Powerful Interactions is defined in this way: Powerful Interactions are exchanges between teachers and children that extend learning hand-in-hand with nurturing positive relationships. The combination of relationship building and instruction creates the optimal condition for children to learn. When teachers are intentional and purposeful about doing both, they create Powerful Interactions! As an early childhood educator we need to understand how important it is…