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Children and Divorce Martin 1

Children and Divorce
Dominic Martin

Children and Divorce Martin 2
Children and Divorce has always been something that has a big topic. Whether it’s how they perform in school, or how their behavior is with other kids. It’s known that the divorce rate in America has sky rocketed within the past 20 to 30 years. But how the kids take it is another thing. Whether it’s the age they were when their parents got divorced, and their relationship with their parents now. Living with one parents can usually cause the children to have issue with relationships due to them not knowing exactly how to be in one. With no example from parents when they were younger. They just typically know how to live on their own and that’s it. But is the argument of do you want the kids to live with parents who don’t get along, fight, and are miserable all the time. Or is it just better to show them happiness with two separate families. There is not any right answer to divorce, but it’s better to be happy in my opinion then miserable.

Children and Divorce Martin 3 One thing that has always been a big topic is divorce. Whether it’s good or not for the children to go through. Or whether it’s healthy for parents to stay in an unhealthy marriage. According to David Masci, who is a senior researcher at the Pew Research Center and is also in the in-house expert on church-state issues, culture war issues, and religion and science explains that the rate of divorce has doubles within the past 50 years. In the article Does Divorce turn children into troubled adults, “Americas divorce rate has went from 25% in 1955 to 55% in 1998” (p 1), which is an enormous jump. And the kids are the ones who are paying the biggest price in this. Either now, or in their future when they are having trouble finding companionship to someone. Growing up you never really understand all of the situations that you come into contact with, but looking back now as an adult I can only remember a hand full of friends that did not come from divorced family. Everyone has their problems even if they do not admit to it. The problems of marriages today is that no one is willing to work on their relationships they just give up. This is why divorce rates has gone up. In today’s society we just replace things, not try to fix them. The children of today see this as the norm and it is an ongoing trend that just seems to be getting worse. When in reality it’s a bad example on the child. In Maci’s articles he mentions Bridget Maher, a senior analyst at the Family Research Council. She states “People need to realize that their children are generally better off if the parents manage to stay married.” CITE.
Relationships require a commitment from the two people that are involved in order