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Explain the difference between sequence of development and rate of development.
The difference between sequence and rate development is stated as sequence will be the order a development happens in such as a baby's physically development may start by being able to roll over from front to back or back to front, being able to sit up with and without support, crawling to walking and then on to running. These developments may be missed out such as crawling because many children begin to walk without learning to crawl first but this development even when being missed out is still viewed as an expected pattern to happen. Whereas rate of development is the speed it happens in, this could be where one baby achieves walking unaided at 10 months where as another baby may not accomplish this till 12 or even 16 months, some children may reach various development stages earlier or later then another child, each progress that happens is individual to them and children all develop at different rates.
Sequence and rate of development in all areas of development
Social- will begin to recognize new family members.
Physical- This could be certain reflexes such as swallowing, this will allow the baby to help them ensure that the baby can feed and also swallow their milk, if a baby is premature then it could take them a little while longer to develop these reflexes. Another reflex will be the rooting reflex this is then the baby moves its head to look for the mother’s nipple or teat such as when the mother touches the baby’s cheek or mouths this helps the baby to look for milk. Grasp is another one this is when the baby automatically puts their finger around the adults finger or an object that has touched the palm of the hand such as a baby bottle or even a rattle. Next is the startle reflex this is when the baby hears a sudden sound such as an object in the house being dropped or a sudden bright light such as if you leave the curtains open or even just a little bit, the baby will react to this by moving their arms out like they are stretching and then they clench their fist. The last reflex is the walking and standing reflex this is when babies are head upright with their feet on a firm surface they will normally begin to make stepping movements like they would want to try to walk
Intellectual-Babies will begin to recognize the smell and sound of their mother’s voice when the mother either enters the room or is quite close to the baby. If you watched a certain television program the baby might begin to recognize it again if being played. A baby will try to copy you if you poke your tongue out or other type of actions
Communication- They will begin to cry a lot more often to grab the mother or other careers attention this could be if the baby is hungry and it’s time for their bottle or it could just be that they feel irritated because they need a nappy change, babies from birth have all different kinds of cries
Emotional- The baby will gain close contact between the mother and father when they are feeding the baby, this is because they begin to recognize who it is that feeds them, and they may also become upset if they know that their mother isn’t in the room.

1 Month-
Social- The baby may become more interested in a social interaction, such as when sibling or other children will become a lot more intrigued, the baby will have a beaming smile as soon as they start talking to them, if he hears other children or even the television noise then they may try to find where