Children During The Holocaust

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During the event known as the Holocaust, six million from the nine million Jews in Europe were slaughtered. The Holocaust was the mass persecution of millions of Jews and other groups. This was done by the Nazis beginning in the 1930s and ending in 1945. The leader of the Nazis, Adolf Hitler ordered them to kill these people even if they were harmless and didn’t commit a crime. Groups of people were treated poorly and unfairly. Many innocent people were sent to death camps and were either tortured or killed. Even if they were children, the Nazis treated them inhumanely. Therefore, the Holocaust was one of the most dangerous and terrifying times in world history. One way the Holocaust was treacherous and alarming was that certain types of people were treated poorly and …show more content…
Many types of kids were murdered. For example, in “The Holocaust Survivors” on page 12, Tabatha Yeatts states that even if kids, the handicapped would die since they had flaws. The Nazis didn’t care for them even if they were young, and had a disease or physical problem. Kids during the Holocaust couldn’t be treated like kids and have fun. In Yad Vashem's, Children and the Holocaust investigators found on page 1 that kids could forget their real names and lived in endless terror and violence. This treatment was bad due to the fact that they wouldn’t have a name. Having a name is part of life. So, this shows they couldn’t live peacefully. Next, many Jewish kids had to live without their parents. Researchers at Yad Vashem declared on page 1 that, “ They saw their parents lose the right to support their families, and often witnessed the descent of the family unit into an abyss of despair.” This meant kids couldn’t have the right to have a family, which can be painful and brutal. So, the Holocaust was painful and fearful to the children during the time, that experienced the inhumane