Why Do People Lose From The Holocaust

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Murders of The Innocent Rape of Nanjing vs. Holocaust
Most people can’t even imagine all of the horrible things that could be done to innocent civilians. Meanwhile, the civilians that would notice it would be the people that are having all of this horrible stuff done to them: raped, tortured, beaten and have been killed. So many of these bad things have been done before and maybe even now; but most people wouldn’t care unless it was happening to them. The Holocaust, Rape of Nanking, Trail of Tears, 9/11 etc. There are so many horrible genocide’s in the past including now; there might be more coming, but nobody will know when. Just like the Rape of Nanking. They never thought that the Japanese would come and kill all of them. Or the holocaust because the jews didn’t think Hitler would end up doing something horrible. There are several similarities between the Holocaust and The Rape of Nanking, but there are
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In the Holocaust, the Jews lost all of their rights because of the Nuremberg laws. Then they lost their homes because of the concentration camps. After losing everything, they ended up losing their lives. During the Rape of Nanjing, fathers were forced to rape their children and the Chinese were raped, beaten, tortured and slaughtered while their family was watching. The the same thing happened to the rest of their families. There are some similarities between the Holocaust and the Rape of Nanking, but there are some differences. The Holocaust and The Rape of Nanking had hundreds of thousands of people die, tortured, beaten, killed, and some even slaughtered. But they had different locations and different types of people. The Holocaust will not be forgotten, and the Rape of Nanjing won’t be forgotten and will not forgive what happened to those innocent