China: Game and Best Friends Essays

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As a child you do so many crazy things and wonder why would you want to grow up so fast? I remember one day I told myself I couldn’t wait to be older. I have no idea why. You have nothing to worry about as a child. When you’re a child there’s so many different things that you never could think about that you consider now as an adult. You have no responsibilities and you don’t have to worry about anyone but you and your best friends. It’s pretty crazy how everything changes.

In China, they have a rule, more like it is their religion or law that everyone has to follow. Women can only have one child. I’m comparing and contrasting my childhood to the kids in China, because there childhood experience is definitely different than most of ours in the United States of America.

When I was kid, I did so many different things. I know I changed from time to time. I swear I had different best friends every summer. I lived in East Moline, Illinois most of my life. When I turned around the age of three, I lived in Moline, Illinois than I moved to East Moline into to this big yellow house. I loved that house. I had hung out with mostly boys than girls & I was a tomboy when I was a kid. I didn’t have a care in the world back then though. I would ride bikes every day. I wanted to be a BMX biker! I had the best bikes, but that was just a dream. My friends and I would ride farther then we told our parents where we were going. I remember this one time my mom had actually caught me about five or six miles from my house and of course I fell off my bike and got this huge bruise on my knee. My mom still goes on till this day that I should have never of been riding my bike out that far and that would have never happened, but hey I was kid and you do things you shouldn’t do.

As I grew a little bit older, I started to play actual sports for my school and summer team leagues. I use to play basketball with a travel team. That was one of the best things of my childhood. I loved playing travel basketball. My team and I went everywhere. We were really good too; we always got trophies for mostly each tournament! My mom usually couldn’t travel with us, because she always had to work on the weekends which sucked. As time seemed to pass and when I got in high school I felt like the coaches didn’t play me as much and I knew I was really good. I played three years of basketball and four years of soccer. I also did two and half years of cross country, which I wish I would have started my freshman year of high school.

A one child only policy was something you had to follow or you would get punished in all of China. This policy was created by the Chinese Government to alleviate social, economic, and environmental problems in China. It was also established in 1978. It is really sad, because almost everyone wants a brother or sister to play with, talk to and get advice from. A lovely day in china, a little girl