Why Do Student Athletes Get Paid?

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Many consider sports as America's favorite pastime. Whether it's watching the big game on TV with family and friends or if it a little league game and watching children play and learn how to compete and have fun while they're outside and being active with friends.Many children grow up playing sports, both boys and girls alike. The first stages of competition are co-ed, so boys and girls compete together on teams. As kids grow older they are separated into strictly boy sports and girl sports. By the time a child makes it to high school they have probably spent hundreds of hours playing a sport whether that is football, volleyball, soccer, or baseball. Middle school is where sports become separated and girls play with girls and boys play with boys.Up until High school the competition has only been about having fun and doing your best but in high school and beyond there is only one goal and that is to win. After high school, and after all the hard work that these boys and girls have put into their sports only 6% of the millions of student athletes will go on to participate in their sport in college. Even fewer go on to play sports professionally. So after all the hours spent and all the hard work that both boys and girls put into their sports. So why do male professional athletes make more than about 64 times that of what a professional athlete can make a year on an average salary? Men and women work …show more content…
But no one is talking about or making an argument about the injustice and very unequal pay that women receive in professional sports. The significance in this is that women and girls sports are on the decline because of the lack of future that they can receive participating in professional