China: People ' s Republic of China and Communist Party Essay

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The Chinese communist party exercise leadership through governance structures, because they are more than 80 million member, the influence of people and groups outside the formal party structure increasing day by day, another mean by which the communist party exercises leadership over officials is in party membership penetration in political structures. The vast majority of officials in political structures including government structures and positions filled by elections are communist party members.
Although the Chinese have moved slowly on political reforms, they have been bold in economic reforms. Since 1978, Chinese leaders have staked their political legitimacy on economic growth, more than anything else. For the most part it has been a success, Chinese economic growth has averaged just under 10 percent per year since 1980.
Today, with the return of the university entrance examinations and huge numbers of Chinese studying in foreign universities, then respect of the expertise is thoroughly restored. Indeed in fall 2006 on instructions from top party and government, departments, colleges across the country reduced the seven compulsory courses on political ideology and party history to four in the first major curricular change in twenty five years. Older and middle aged Chinese have experienced not only the radicalism of the Maoist years, but also more than two decades of”reform and opening” to the out side world.
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