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In the ancient times when China and Rome were classical civilizations. Technology was viewed as a positive during the Han dynasty, opposing the upper class Romans who did not agree.
In times of the Han dynasty, the use of technology was a positive when the tools helped the workers efficiently, however during the Roman empire tools were seen as a positive when the technology glorified the society, but if the lower class were to use the technology (tools) the Romans did not agree with it. Specifically, in the Han dynasty the tools benefited the peasants by having them work to provide money to pay taxes therefore, the political system was promoted. This was clearly evidenced by the Han official (doc1). This government official stated the importance of flood prevention in all of Han china’s districts. Preventing floods would have been highly important in the districts in order to avoid a political downfall. Irrigations systems were built to prevent floods from destroy the government. If there is a flood there would be few crops to sell; which implies that the people do not make an income in order to pay taxes and support their families. Paying taxes is also important ti support the government officials. The author was clearly concerned with the possibilities of losing his job if not enough taxes were collected to support his job title. An additional document that would have been helpful to further answer this question, would have been a document from a peasant who used the technology to understand how the tools benefited them.
Although technology was positive to the government official (doc1) due to the benefit that the society got from the use of technology. A upper class Han court official (doc2) was disappointed that the tools from the past were better made than the tools in that time period. The tools from the past were created with better materials to hold up and work more efficiently. Compared to the tools in that time period which were a disappointment to this Han official. This Han official obviously cares as a result of the people suffering from poor manufactured tools which made the workers lives more difficult considering that the people were not making any income. To better answer the question, a chart to show the progress that each tool has helped accomplish would have been helpful to show the differences in past tools and newer ones. Therefore the use of technology was a disappointment. On the other hand a upper class philosopher (doc3 )and government sponsored history (doc4) were both positive towards the use of technology in a since that it benefited the society by helping workers make an income. Also the history of the early Han dynasty (doc4) was willing to use the technology, to assist in agriculture. The upper class Han philosopher (doc3) was explaining the invention of pestle and mortar as a positive. These authors are clearly in a likeminded agreement on the use of technology being a positive. To further answer this question a document from a lower class to inform on how the technology benefited their lives.
While the Han viewed the use of technology as a positive, a upper class Roman leader (doc5) and a upper class Roman philosopher (doc7) see the use of