Chipotle Executive Summary

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Everyone knows the incredibly famous Chipotle franchise that is well known for its well prepared and healthy food that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty after eating a burrito that is well proportioned to the size of your head. The founder Steve Ells wanted to create a restaurant with quick meals that didn’t fall under the category of “fast Food” much like other well known competitors like McDonalds with their one dollar burgers.
Even though it was criticized for not having an elaborate menu and prices being much higher than other restaurants the idea didn’t flop. Interestingly enough with the help of their counterparts, the investments made by McDonalds gave them the right push forward that made the Chipotle name stand up against
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The one thing that sticks out however is the variety of meats that you are able to put on the burrito. Along with the optional drinks and fried tortilla chips, Chipotle has earned its name by providing healthy food that won’t make your conscious bloated.

S.W.O.T. analysis

*Recognition of their brand
-Huge growth and simplicity of their products that don’t give the consumer a hard time in choosing what it is that they want. Making them an easy option for people to choose when the question of where to eat comes to mind
*Healthy food conscious
-A goal of being able to keep up with the “fast food” competitors without actually being real fast food. With the calorie and nutrition facts included, it really makes it possible for one not to over eat.
*Customer access
-Chipotle has a feature in being able to order ahead of time and skip straight to the front to avoid the lines and to help those already in line move much faster.
*No variety in food choices
-Although it does have some of the tastiest choices, their options are indeed limited so it can have a set back in people getting tired of their repetitive lunch
*Prices higher than