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Choose Life Did you know that just twenty-two short days after fertilization the fetus develops a heartbeat? This means that any abortions performed after twenty-two days are killing a live human being. Although pregnancy can be frightening especially when it is unplanned it still does not give anyone the right to kill another living human being. Abortion should be illegal because the fetus is a living being with brain activity, it can cause the next baby to be pre-mature, and the mother can establish post mental health issues. If a woman gets pregnant after an abortion her chances of having problems with the pregnancy are higher. British researchers have found, “women who terminated a pregnancy increased their risk of giving birth prematurely in subsequent pregnancies” (Healy P1). Often when babies are delivered prematurely they have health issues. These health issues can cause hospitalization for weeks or even months in some cases. Not only did the woman take away a life, but she has now put her future babies in danger. Not only can abortion cause future pregnancy dangers but also it can cause mental health issues for the carrier.
Often women who have abortions suffer from mental issues related to their abortion. Some research has discovered that women who have an abortion can endure more than double the possibility of having depression issues than other women. Priscilla Coleman, of the British Journal of Psychiatry, studies showed that with abortion comes a thirty-four percent higher risk to anxiety disorders as well as a thirty-seven percent increased risk of depression. Research proves, “This was more than double the risk of alcohol abuse, three times greater risk of cannabis use at 220 percent and 155 percent greater risk of attempted suicide” (Doughty P4). Women who abort their babies will always have a guilty conscience because they feel that they will never know what their baby would have turned out to be. Also, if that women wants to have more kids later then she must live with knowing that they may have had a brother or sister and now they will never get to meet them. The mental health that comes with abortion starts with the choice to have unprotected sex, which leads to a difficult choice whether to take a babies life or not. Some may argue that women should be able to choose if they want to have a child or not. Shouldn’t they have thought this through before having sexual relations? Shouldn’t they have taken precaution? If a woman was pursued against her will then that’s a different story. However, she still has the other option of giving the baby up for adoption. Ten percent of women in the United States, that’s 6.1 million, are infertile and would go to extreme measures to have a baby. Most of the time these women get stuck on waiting lists at the adoption agency that can take years. If more women were giving their babies up for adoption instead of terminating the pregnancy their wait wouldn’t be quite as long. If all pregnancies ended in the birth of a child then all women would have the chance to have a child if that is what