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Abortion: Your Right to Choose Teresa Navarro Eng112 Professor Snyder December 13, 2011

ABORTION: YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE 2. In this world of many choices and life moving quicker than we can sometimes understand, things happen and situations come into play that we never thought we would be in. Becoming pregnant is one of those things that can happen to any woman, now comes the next part of the equation is do we keep the pregnancy or do we let it go. In this country of freedom of choice we are given this right to have a child or not. To some people they feel it is wrong and they have that choice but I believe every woman has that right to choose and no one should look at her any differently for her choices. We all make mistakes, we all have things that happen to us in our life and our given choices in everything we do in our life and an unplanned pregnancy is one of those things that happens. Yes, we could have protected ourselves better and so could have the man we chose to be with because it’s as much his responsibility as it is ours but in the end we will make the final decision on whether to keep it or not. In the end it’s our choice and no one and nothing has the right to tell us what to do with our bodies, no matter who they are. “Only one voice needs to be heard on the question of whether a women will or will not bear a child, and that is the voice of the women herself: her own conscience, her own conscious choice.”(Thompson, 2006) We as women are held accountable for what we do with our own bodies and for what we put into them and what we take out. To have someone tell us what we can and cannot do is something I will never understand nor

ABORTION: YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE 3. permit. Why would we give up that right to have someone tell us what to do? Do you make decision on what food is cooked, what doctor you should go see, then why would you let someone tell you what to do with your body? When a women becomes pregnant and cannot handle the pregnancy and makes the conscience choice to terminate her pregnancy it’s not an easy choice but it is her choice. Sometimes things happen that we are not prepared for and choices must be made. Yes, your right we should have taken better care of yourself before we got into this situation but then so should have the man. We always put the blame back on the woman when the man is equally responsible. Terminate is not an easy choice but it is a choice and it is our right to choose. Who are you to take that from us? You don’t have to live with the knowledge or the responsibility so what gives you the right to tell me what to do. You would not like me telling you what to do with your body. The Roe vs. Wade case is the reason for women to have the freedom to choose to have children or not have children. These laws that came from this case were not given to women before this case. Women were pushed into having illegal abortions or back alley abortions that accounted for more than 17 percent of deaths to women before this case. Roe (as it’s now called), gave women the right to choose birth control, choose the right to have a baby or not. With this freedom of choice from Roe it also gave women the right to choose when and whether to marry, and whether to pursue educational or professional careers. So before you think about banning or making restrictions to this issue you better make sure you understand this issue will tie into other choices that we
ABORTION: YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE 4 women take for granted in our life. Because I know for me, I enjoy getting a higher education and I would hate for any man to tell me could not go to school because I was a women .and could not make that decision for myself. Also if banning abortion is something you want you better understand that as a tax payer you will be paying for these children because