Chris Mccandless Hero

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While there are many people who have the adventurous personality inside them, there are those who go out and die everyday because of what happens to them out in the wild. But why is it the only person we associate with the wild and talk about seems to be Chris McCandless? Now the reason why, is that everyone is so fond of Chris because they feel like he is a hero for following his heart and doing something he was so determined to do. But he simply did not belong out in the wild trying to live a almost normal life.
Although McCandless was a very knowledgeable person there were many instances where he acted out of only his wants and rushing to Alaska. One of those wants was getting into the wild and when Chris wandered off he traveled down the stampede trail not having any knowledgeable information about, which would later on lead him to his own death. Chris was soon walking
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Chris was highly unprepared while he didn’t even have a decent map of the area surrounding him, and he found the bus out of pure luck and if he never found it he would of had no shelter. While McCandless was wandering “A day later,... he stumbled upon the old bus beside the SuShana River.” (Krakauer 163). Chris was expecting none of this as it clearly states he stumbled upon the bus saying he had no intentions of ever finding it.
Furthermore for those of you that say Chris was just living his life, should of never died, he was just a young kid and accidents happen all the time, this isn’t the case. It was clearly his fault, if he didn’t want to die he would of never gone out in the wild. He had a perfectly good, loving, and wealthy family which is what most kids wanted. Above all of that he was very good at making money. Besides having a good family he was very well educated and had the chance to go to law school but he threw it all