Christian Living Essay

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Christian Living Final Essay
By: Alec Green

As a Christian centered family, there are many points and aspects in life that we must focus on. As Christians, we are required to praise God in all possible ways, for God gave us life, and he fills that life with love and grace. But you should never focus too much on any certain aspect of life, but instead keep balance and have the main focus upon God and the way he wants you to live your life. As a Christian, you must be wary and have self-control so you do not fall into the traps of sin. Sin is in almost every aspect of life, and it will suck you in if you let it. You are fighting a constant battle against satan, and in order to win you must have strength and constant vigilance. Sadly, some have to question if it is possible to live a Christian life in today's sin filled world. The thing you must realize about a Christian home is that it's inhabitants are sinners. No one is perfect all the time, and everyone commits sins every day of their life. The difference is that Christians admit their sins, and that they know what to do to change their lives in order to prevent themselves from falling into the habit of sin. As faithful Christians we must recognize our sins and repent to Jesus Christ who gave his life for us, so that our place is heaven can be secured.
Many people have also come to the conclusion that the home, the government, and the church have failed, but the truth is that they haven't. Our modern society has become so secular that it is almost unbelievable. But as followers of Christ, we must stay positive and see the good in life. Sure, there are sin filled people everywhere you look, but if you can see past the sea of faces, you can see the decent people people that only want to praise God and help non-believers come to know him. We absolutely have to keep hope in our lives. The world speaks of sin as if it is a sickness, but we have no excuse for our sins. Sin can not be written off as mental illness, excluding true physical brain damage. We are responsible for our own actions and must admit to them. The only person that has control over us is ourselves. No one can make us do anything we don't want to do, and though it may seem the world is crashing down on you, but with Jesus by your side, you will always have the strength to carry on. We can not and must not blame the world for our wrongs, because we are all human and we all make mistakes. In order to combat our sins, we must seek forgiveness and receive hope to maintain a positive outlook in our lives.
Another point to focus on is communication. I once read a story about a young man who was turning sixteen. He and his father had picked out the perfect car for him and he was excited beyond belief. On his birthday, he had eaten his cake and opened all of his presents except for his father's. The young man was so disappointed and angry when his father handed him a bible. He stormed out of the house and never saw his father again. Years later, the man found out that his father had died, and he went to his old home to go through his inherited items. In the house, he found the bible his father had given to him. He opened it and found a check filled out with the exact amount of the car they had picked out. This story demonstrates the importance of communication. That young man threw away his relationship with his father because of a simple miscommunication, and when he learned the truth, it was too late. Husbands and wives must have extremely good communications skills with each other, and must also be able to use those skills with their children. The most important thing about communication is honesty. Honesty is the key to communication, because without honesty there can be no trust. Without trust there can be no true communication. It is important for there to be communication between parents and their children, because, like the story I told, emotions can take over and blow things out of proportion.